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Visit your Nearest Travel Clinic for Travel Tips


For a fulfilled and healthy overseas travel you need a lot of prior preparation. Though it looks difficult but it is actually not. You can be in serious trouble if you travel to countries where pandemics like H1N1, bird flu and malaria are rampant. The best way to enjoy your overseas travel and stay abroad is to be ready for the worst which generally means that it won't happen at all. Travel clinics can play a vital role in making your trip a hassle free. Visit a trustworthy clinic with board certified and seasoned doctors who will advice you regarding the immunization required after assessing your itinerary. They can suggest the vaccinations you must take and medication you need to carry along. Below are a few helpful tips to help you make your trip a pleasant one.
Travel Kit
Carrying a travel kit can be a good idea. It's highly recommended that you carry two medicine kits with you while travelling. You can keep on in your suitcase and one in your hand carried luggage. Always carry mild laxative, preferred decongestant, anti-histamine, antipyretic and anti-diarrheal medications in the suitcase and throat lozenges, band aids, moleskin for blisters and antibiotic cream in your hand luggage. 
Invest in travel insurance
If Murphy's Law is to be believed then invest in the airbag of travel insurance. Medical service in foreign destinations can be very expensive hence having a health insurance can come handy and make a great difference in case of a mishap.
Avoid Water borne diseases
Always drink packaged mineral water. You can also brush your teeth with bottled mineral water instead of regular tap water. Strictly avoid swimming in local still water bodies like lakes and ponds as there is a good chance of catching parasitic and bacterial infections from here as easily as from unsafe drinking water. 
You can take help of several sources in case of an injury or illness. Two such sources are the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and The International Society of Travel Medicine that offer different areas of help.

For more information about their services please visit their website



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